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Supporting Our Team
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Supporting Our Community
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Supporting Our Environment

Supporting our team

We are nothing without our team. Our culture is one of openness, support and creating enjoyment in what we do. Regular team building exercises and programs build on the cohesive team spirit that allows us to perform at our best. Remuneration is generous and pastoral care is provided to staff as needed. This includes allowing our team to deal with personal and family emergencies and issues in a timely manner without penalty.

Regular training and personal development courses are provided to ensure that our team are fulfilling their potential and working to best practices. Where possible we also seek to promote internally in the first instance and promote career development opportunities as they arise. Our team members are from variety of backgrounds and ethnicities and we have an open-minded employment policy. We have a zero-tolerance anti-discrimination and anti-bullying policy.


Supporting our community

Supporting our community is a key part of who we are. We hold regular fundraising events and challenges for Breast and Bowel Cancer charities. We are also a proud supporter of the RRT charity, both financially and physically, with some team members volunteering their time. This charity is involved in disaster relief, poverty and homelessness support, and supporting events for the underprivileged.  We also support education and other community initiatives.


Supporting our environment

We continually evaluate our processes to ensure that we are operating in the most environmentally sustainable manner possible. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and reducing waste wherever possible. We work with our suppliers to ensure that their packaging is minimal and recyclable. Items that we ship are collated as much as possible to reduce packaging and unnecessary transport. We are moving to all packaging being either recycled or recyclable cardboard or biodegradable plastic where necessary.

 Wherever possible, we substitute long distance travel with video conferencing facilities to avoid unnecessary travel and emissions. We are also moving many branding options in-house to reduce the amount of transport required to send items to external providers.


Ethical Sourcing & Fair Trading

As part of our strong code of Ethics, we are against all forms of unsafe, unfair and unethical employment. Wherever possible we partner with local suppliers to both support local businesses and ensure fair standards of employment are adhered to. Where it is necessary to source offshore, we benchmark our suppliers against the following standards;

  • No forced labour
  • No child labour
  • All employees must be paid a fair wage in line with local laws and standards
  • All health and safety standards must be adhered to, and certification provided

All environmental standards must be adhered to and certification provided

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